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Create and spearhead an ecosystem where everyone can interact, collaborate and share a common vision towards a healthier society.

Provide free technology and innovation to healthcare providers to improve their services, particularly in the aspect of management, data analytics and research.

Provide Filipinos with a platform that will allow them to own their medical data, help them access quality healthcare services with convenience, and encourage them to live a healthy life.

Ensure that the next generation shall have a complete set of medical and health records that are kept securely as mandated by the Data Privacy Act R.A. 10173.

Establish a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that aims to provide income-generating opportunities and incentives to users, partners and advocates through our shared economy business model.

Improve transparency of healthcare data and provide the government with a reliable database to counter fraudulent claims, mitigate corruption in healthcare agencies, and obtain real-time data analytics.



This is a full-feature system that incorporates an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) approach to hospital and clinic operations.

HiDok Clinic EMR

In line with the utilization of QR technology, this feature will be rooted within the HIMS and Citizen App to allow both parties to store, retrieve and track medical data and health history.

HiDok Citizen App

This will allow citizens to access and store their medical records, book appointments with doctors, order medicines, participate in health challenges, and earn through the platform’s referral program.

HiDok ePharmacy

A system that allows the pharmacy to manage their inventory, human resource, finance and logistics, also allows efficient delivery of medicines and products to citizens.

HiDok eGym

A specialized system for fitness gyms that will allow citizens to track their exercise routines and physical improvements.

HiDok eWallet

Through partnerships with payment centers and banks, each user shall have an embedded E-wallet in the Citizen Healthcare App where rewards and incentives are transferred.

A multi-dimensional, interoperable and integrated set of technologies that aims to add value to the Philippine healthcare industry by connecting stakeholders through a common platform

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The HiDok White Paper

Healthcare Technology, Interoperable System, Universal Healthcare Law