HIDOK™: Disruptive health tech company in Philippines raised $1,000,000 Seed funding round.


DAVAO, PHILIPPINES. One of the problems that have plagued our healthcare industry is the absence of a reliable technology that can make health-related services more efficient and streamlined. All that is about to change in the next few months with the rise of HIDOK™.

HIDOK™ Inc. is allegedly the first healthcare technology company in the Philippines with a core vision of providing first-world innovation to the Philippine Healthcare Industry. Within one year, the company just raised more than $1 million in seed funding to finance its current operations, market research and product development. This was made possible through its interesting business model and technological framework which attracted multiple Filipino angel investors. The company’s aggressive and highly competent executive team was also crucial to this milestone.

“If there is GRAB for transportation, Food Panda for Food Delivery, Kalibrr for employment, then there should be HIDOK for health.”

This was the statement of the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in its most recent business presentation. He also emphasized that the company’s goal is to bring disruptive, interactive and life-changing technologies to our healthcare sector. These interoperable technologies will be given to key stakeholders of the industry for free, thus creating a digital ecosystem where health data and transactions are efficiently managed. The technologies to be provided includes the following: HIDOK Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), HIDOK Clinic Electronic Medical Record (EMR), HIDOK e-Pharmacy (e- Pharma), HIDOK e-Gym (e-Gym) and HIDOK Citizen App (Citizen App). All of these are backed with QR Technology and data encryption.

Ultimately, these technologies are synced in a single platform through the HIDOK Citizen App. This will allow every Filipino to experience seamless transactions with healthcare providers using their smartphones. The app will give users the ability to store medical records, book doctor appointments, and avail of different support services such as telemedicine, lifestyle-selfcare monitoring, fitness challenge rewards, and even an electronic wallet for payment transactions for health services and pharmaceutical products.

HIDOK CEO, Vic Melvin Cabatbat, says that health technology should be one of the top priorities of our State. “Health should be everybody’s business,” he mentioned, “It’s quite unfortunate that very few are doing something to improve the services related to it. Our commitment as a company is grounded on our desire to ensure that health is within everyone’s reach.”

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